The plague came and thus time for creative currents for the Saltas project. The sequel to the debut album Mors Salis – Opus I was created in the late spring of 2020 and has been titled The Seize – Opus II. The new material continues to take us deeper into the darkness of Saltas and in its own way the end in several ways. Partly where Mors Salis ended but also three steps towards another form of end, a release, or as the title says “The Seize”. Just like the debut album, you should not expect any so-called standard metal genres. Saltas is the salt in such a wound. Not audible for many but can be a twisted spiritual journey for those who can open their minds.

Recording line-up
C.J. – percussion, vocals
N.R. – strings

The Seize – Opus II will be released on cassette tape by Impure Wedding Productions October 16, 2020.